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Nicon SA aspires to becoming one of the leading suppliers of hospitality management software solutions. Its Application, TELESYS MANAGER, is installed in leading hotel groups, hospitals and soon on number of cruise ships.

TELESYS Hotel Manager by Nicon, provides an efficient interface between all popular Front Office applications and a number of dedicated peripheral systems e.g PBX, Pay-TV systems, Door Management Systems, BMS, LMS etc.

TELESYS Hotel Manager provides a completely integrated and transparent environment between the hotel Front-Office system and the various peripherals mentioned above, for a variety of functions and services e.g. Check-in, Check-out, Wake-up Call, Door Access Management, Pay-TV Management etc. while enabling the automatic consolidation of all related service charge items by the Front-Office system.

Nicon SA offers system integration, for hotel operations: PMS (Property Management Systems), Front and Back Office software, Pabx's, PayTv, Door Locking Systems, (card producer & reader), BMS, LMS and others. Vendor independence is our products key feature, meaning that, you don't have to worry about the brand of the above systems. We provide system integration, reliably and at low cost.

NICON has also developed a unique solution for Hospitals and Enterprises, namely TELESYS HOSPITAL MANAGER and TELESYS BUSINESS MANAGER.

Nicon SA specializes in combined services that consist of our software, consulting and training for the customer, based on Nicon's wide experience in this unique field.

Nicon SA is a leading supplier of hotel management technology middleware solutions to the hotel and hospitality. The company's state of the art middleware, TELESYS MANAGER, is installed in about 600 leading hotels, hotel groups, hospitals, banks, private companies and government organizations in Greece, Cyprus and Albania, one of our most distinguished client being the Hellenic Parliament.

Nicon's Applications for the Hotel and Hospitality Industry were first introduced in 1990.